What’s in ‘77’?

The number 7 symbolizes positivity, blessings, dedication and optimism. ’77’ carries twofold those characteristics preceding ‘Media’, signifying our infusion of ideas, diverse backgrounds and different talents.

Good-bye, Broadcast. Hello, Conversation

77 Media is a Communication Marketing Agency based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
We offer a combination of strategy, design, marketing, conceptualization, media, VFX and technology all together in one place.
We are responsible for making your customers stretch for your product over another. We are the reason people stay on your website for more than 3 seconds. We help people remember your brand and give them that little nudge to go and engage with you.


A family of passionate people

Hilal Muwaffak Al-Harith
Hilal Muwaffak Al-Harith CEO – Brand Consultant
Faizaan Radwi
Faizaan RadwiCOO
Oday Abid
Oday Abid Co-founder / Managing Partner 77Films
Abdulhadi Makkawi
Abdulhadi MakkawiHead of 77Apps
Farrukh Imtiaz
Farrukh ImtiazHead of VFX
Mahmood Ghassan Hariri
Mahmood Ghassan HaririHead of 77 Ideation – Brand Communication Director – Consultant
Ahmad Afghani
Ahmad AfghaniHead of 77 Brands
Lulwa Al-Harbi
Lulwa Al-HarbiCOO 77Social
Ibrahim Obaid
Ibrahim ObaidHead of Antin
Nour Al Attar
Nour Al Attar Business Development Manager
Fahd Al-Kathiri
Fahd Al-KathiriSenior Software Engineer
Saad Salman
Saad SalmanSenior Software Engineer
Nada Abu-Shanab
Nada Abu-ShanabJunior Web Developer
Hossam Adil
Hossam AdilSenior Animator
Anas Ehsan Hassan Afgani
Anas Ehsan Hassan AfganiBusiness Development Executive
Mohammed Balooch
Mohammed BaloochProducer
Feras Alrifaii
Feras AlrifaiiProducer
Mahmood Zaki Mahmoud Elsousi
Mahmood Zaki Mahmoud ElsousiSr. Video Editor
Qusai Nofal
Qusai NofalVideo Editor
Hajra Mir
Hajra MirSr. Graphic Designer
Daniel Sameer Aldaccache
Daniel Sameer AldaccacheAccount Director
Alanoud Basle
Alanoud BasleCommunity Manager
Amer Ahmed Samih Elyafi
Amer Ahmed Samih ElyafiBrand Communication Manager
Afnan Alkuzaim
Afnan AlkuzaimCommunity Manager
Zaina Ziyad Ajeinah
Zaina Ziyad AjeinahSocial Media Account Executive
Fahad Albloushi
Fahad AlbloushiCM Manager
Heba Aouf
Heba AoufCommunity manager
Nada Al-Sebahi
Nada Al-SebahiGraphic designer
Faris Abdulhamid
Faris AbdulhamidGraphic Designer
Rehab Faisal Mohammed Hasanin
Rehab Faisal Mohammed HasaninSr. Graphic Designer
Ahlam said
Ahlam saidAccountant
Abdullah Al-Meslmani
Abdullah Al-MeslmaniVisual Content Manager
Alshayma Ahmed Ilyas Qassim
Alshayma Ahmed Ilyas QassimGraphic Designer
Tanzida Zaman Mohammed Munir
Tanzida Zaman Mohammed MunirSocial Media Account Executive
Salma Ghassan Alwan
Salma Ghassan AlwanOperations Manager
Haya Faisal Alhimish
Haya Faisal AlhimishSocial Media Account Executive
Haya Faisal Alhimish
Haya Faisal AlhimishSocial Media Account Executive
Amr Bassem Mohammed Alkhatib
Amr Bassem Mohammed AlkhatibJr. Social Media Account Manager
Naimah Mohammed Ditta Ahmed
Naimah Mohammed Ditta AhmedSr. Social Media Community Manager
Sana Waleed Saleem Fatani
Sana Waleed Saleem FataniSr. Campaign Manager
Mahmoud Hassan Qayed Alhejji
Mahmoud Hassan Qayed AlhejjiGovernment Relations Officer
Wajd Akram Badawi Badawi
Wajd Akram Badawi BadawiAssociate Director
Muhannad Mohammed Obaid Bahubaishi
Muhannad Mohammed Obaid BahubaishiCreative Writer
Sarah Hussain Ali Altawil
Sarah Hussain Ali AltawilResearcher
Alanoud Hassan Ali Basleab
Alanoud Hassan Ali BasleabCampaign Executive
Sultan Yousef Ahmed Almirabi
Sultan Yousef Ahmed AlmirabiGroup Account Manager
Samir Fahad Hazem
Samir Fahad HazemCommunication Executive
Gulam Mustafa Gulam Mohammed
Gulam Mustafa Gulam Mohammed IT Specialist
Gulam Mustafa Gulam Mohammed
Gulam Mustafa Gulam Mohammed IT Specialist
Layla Mohsen Mohammed Islami
Layla Mohsen Mohammed Islami Social Media Community Manager
Ayla Osama
Ayla OsamaBusiness Developer
Shahad Khaled Gamlo
Shahad Khaled GamloHR Manager
Abdulmonaim Mansour Ahmed Aljabri
Abdulmonaim Mansour Ahmed AljabriSocial Media Animator
Mohammed Shaher Munyib
Mohammed Shaher MunyibClient Servicing
Sohaib Jafaar Othman Samman
Sohaib Jafaar Othman SammanGroup Account Manager
Noura Khaled Alimam
Noura Khaled AlimamSocial Media Account Manager
Abdullah Omar Fahad Buhalim
Abdullah Omar Fahad Buhalim Jr.Social Media Account Executive
Basit Abdulwaheed Chughtai
Basit Abdulwaheed ChughtaiSr.Graphic Designer
Maha Mohammed Dafterdar
Maha Mohammed DafterdarSEO Specialist
Afnan Mohammed Fayadah
Afnan Mohammed Fayadah Account Manager
Faris Abdullah Bahamdin
Faris Abdullah Bahamdin Accountant
Faris Abdullah Bahamdin
Faris Abdullah Bahamdin Accountant
Ahmed Adel Ahmed Osman
Ahmed Adel Ahmed OsmanFull Stack developer
Mahmoud Mohsen Mahmoud Allam
Mahmoud Mohsen Mahmoud AllamGraphic Designer
Abduljalil Sami Abduljalil Almaghrabi
Abduljalil Sami Abduljalil AlmaghrabiProducer
Jasier Meshref Alsharif
Jasier Meshref AlsharifHR Coordinator
Ibrahim Emad Abdukaziz Alsaddik
Ibrahim Emad Abdukaziz AlsaddikSocial Media Community Manager
Sultan Maziad Almaziad
Sultan Maziad AlmaziadJr. Social Media Account Manager
Deema Nabil Roshdi
Deema Nabil RoshdiExecutive Assistant
Walaa Yaseen Sallum
Walaa Yaseen SallumSocial Media Account Manager
Mariam Ali
Mariam AliSocial Media Account Manager
Bayan Ibrahim Alhamdan
Bayan Ibrahim AlhamdanSocial Media Account Manager
Faisal Abdullah Almadani
Faisal Abdullah AlmadaniJr. Social Media Account Manager
Zabeeba Safi Edris
Zabeeba Safi Edris Office Assistant
Reem Bakheet
Reem Bakheet Social Media Community Manager
Ahmed Zakaria
Ahmed ZakariaSr. Motion Graphic
Mahmoud Saleh
Mahmoud SalehMedia Buyer
Sohaila Elsaadany
Sohaila Elsaadany Creative Copywriter
Mohsen Rashad
Mohsen RashadArt Director
Ahdab Kurdi
Ahdab KurdiSocial Media Community Manager
Christine Elyse Williams
Christine Elyse WilliamsCreative Copywriter
Noura Alafaliq
Noura AlafaliqCreative Copywriter
Noura Alafaliq
Noura AlafaliqCreative Copywriter
Abdullah Kadasha
Abdullah Kadasha Video Editor
Business Developer
Business DeveloperVideo Editor


A-Z of the Digital World

77 Media is a one-stop-shop for all your Communication needs; from TV production and post, to interactive web and mobile application development. Our teams varied skill set gives us the ability to produce uniquely integrated digital campaigns, encompassing the entire digital spectrum.
We are not a “middle man” agency; we are proud to offer all our services in-house, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money

Building relationships. Growing Brands.

A close-knitted team of talented, imaginative and creative people that share a love for doing what we do. We listen. We ask a lot of questions. We embrace our clients as partners and approach each project as if it were our own.



We solve the puzzle. Piece by piece. Together.

We focus on every detail and understand your business and subject matter first. Each time, the journey is rich and varied but the end point is always the same – beautiful work that works.

Buisnesses today must have presence, be relevant and add value

Let us help you with exactly that.